Casting a Handgonne at the Historical Market Mahlberg

Bastian Asmus

Tannenberg handgonne in the Germanische Nationalmuseum Nürnberg. Dated to before  1399. Bronze, cast. Source: Wikimedia Commons. User:Anagoria. Licence: GFDL 1.2

Casting a Handgonne at the Historical Market Mahlberg

On July 21. and 22.the town of Mahlberg celebrates its 800th anniversary. These festivities are accompanied by a historical market, which is held there with large programme

For this event I have prepared a small casting demonstration. Mahlberg will become a mini-Büchsenhausen, i.e. I will show how to make a Tannenberg handgonne with late medieval means only. No compromises made.

Next to this I will show the making and moulding of the Nürnberger Tand (Nuremberg dinanderie), such as candle holders or even a handheld fire-extinguisher: the Handfeuerspritze. The image below shows such a fire extinguisher from 1540. It is close the one I am making. which is shown in the link to the Germanische Nationalmuseum Nürnberg.


Handheld fire extinguisher, 1540, Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Photograph: Andreas Franzkowiak, Licence: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)


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